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dilluns, 31 d’octubre de 2011

The problem with outreach by Greg Sandow

Altra entrada ineteressant al blog de Greg Sandow, ens fa pensar, i promet continuar en el tema.

But (in my view) here’s something crucial that’s missing. We don’t do much to reach what I’d think is our most natural audience — people just like us, who don’t listen to classical music. Take music students. Many schools (maybe most, maybe all) have programs that teach them how to do outreach and education. Few schools (if any) have programs to teach them to reach an audience their own age. Just about all of them — this certainly is true of nearly every student I’ve ever taught — have friends who don’t listen to classical music. These friends, culturally speaking, are just like the students. They watch the same movies, hear the same bands. But they don’t listen to classical music, which in some cases (or, maybe, realistically, many) means they don’t even go to the students’ own concerts. Concerts their friends give.