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dimarts, 27 de setembre de 2011

Introducció del llibre de Greg Sandow

El crític americà ha penjat al seu blog la introducció de la revisió del seu llibre The Future of Classical Music. és ben interessant. Ací teniu el link per si voleu veure l'entrada sencera.

I un fragment que parla sobre el lloc que ocupa i ocupava la música clàssica a la revista Times, de la qual Sandow era crític. És ben aclaridor, i s'ajusta al que ha ocorregut ací a les revistes i periòdics, només heu de fullejar el País, per exemple, per adonar-vos.

        And we’re right to worry, because we’ve seen so many troubling things. We’ve seen classical music all but vanish from our schools. We’ve seen it vanish — despite coverage, from time to time, of the crisis — from much of the mainstream media. Here’s an example. Back in the ‘90s, I had business with Time magazine, and spent some time in their library. At one point, I had nothing official to do, and thought I’d page through back issues of Time, to see how classical music fared.
       And the news wasn’t good. In 1980, Time had a full-time classical music critic, and two-thirds of the music pieces in the magazine were about classical music. Only a third covered pop. But by 1990, the proportions reversed. Two-thirds of the music pieces were about pop, and only a third covered classical music.
      Now, of course, Time has no classical music critic, and rarely covers classical music at all. Nor is it alone. Newspapers all over the US are getting rid of their classical music critics. The newspapers themselves are in crisis, of course, and they don’t see the point of printing reviews that not many people read.